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Les murs de Jean Cocteau (Jean Cocteau's Walls)
Photographs by Suzanne Held
Hermé Editions
Coffee-table book, with many illustrations. The most documented on each of the "Cocteau places" (deleted from catalogues).


Villa Santo-Sospir
Interior walls tattooed with frescos and tapestries, 1950.
(Sitting room -illustration- : Apollo, fishermen of Villefranche, sun and moon theme; tapestry: Judith and Holopherne; Francine Weisweiller's bedroom known as the "chambre de Diane"(the Diana room): Actaeon transformed into a stag; Jean Cocteau's room, known as the "chambre des boucs" (the goats' room); Edouard Dermit's room known as the "chambre de Narcisse" (the Narcissus room); Carole Weisweiller's bedroom, known as the "chambre des bacchantes" (the Bacchantes' room).

Private home (Weisweiller family).
Small group visits can be arranged: +33 4 93 76 00 16


Chapelle Saint-Pierre
Facade and interior frescos, 1957.
(Life of Saint-Peter, homage to the Saint-Marys-of-the-Sea
and the ladies of Villefranche -illustration-).
Overlooking the old port (opposite the Hôtel Welcome, where Cocteau used to go often before the War).

Le Bastion, Jean Cocteau Museum
Mosaics on the floor and on the window frames.
The museum collection (drawings, photography, pottery...) are presented in the manner of yearly themed exibitions.
Quai Napoleon III
Every day from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm
Except on Tuesdays and bank holidays
Enquiries : +33 4 93 57 72 30
More information

The Menton Registry Office
Decors and drawings, 1957-1958.
(The fiancés -illustration-, The Wedding, Death of Eurydice…).
Menton Town Hall : +33 4 92 10 50 00
See also on the Menton city's website

Centre Méditerranéen d’Etudes Françaises
(The Mediterranean Centre for French Studies)
The ancient theatre -illustration-, decors, sculptures, drawings, 1958-1963.
(The Great God Pan, Effigy of Orpheus, Komodia-Tragodia…).

The CMEF is a private institution which cannot receive visitors.


The Church of Notre-Dame de France.
Frescos dedicated to Mary, 1959.
(The Annunciation -illustration-, the Crucifixion, the Assumption..
5, Leicester Place.
More information


Chapelle Saint-Blaise des Simples
Interior frescos, 1960.
(Portraying the medicinal herbs and plants grown at Milly).
Jean Cocteau's grave.
For further information call : +33 1 64 98 84 94
Tourist office: +33 1 64 98 83 17


Église Saint-Maximin
Motifs on the stained glass windows at the Chapelle des Gournay, 1962.
(A cross, a dove, a woman in arms, a Jesse Tree, flowers, fish, a fishing boat…)
Ordered by the Ministry of Fine Arts.
Glass from the Ateliers Brière.
Syndicat d'initiative de Metz : +33 3 87 55 53 76


Chapelle Notre-Dame de Jérusalem
(Domaine de la tour de Mare)
Frescoes portraying Christ's Passion (The Last Supper - self- portrait of Cocteau among the apostles-, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection...) as well as the Crusades of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Stained glass (knights of the Order of Jerusalem). Ceramic floor (blue background, red cross of Jerusalem).

Cocteau did not have the time to complete this chapel, begun in 1960. Edouard Dermit and Roger Pelissier, the ceramic artist, finished it in 1965.

Visits the whole year round: +33 4 94 53 27 06
See also the site of the town of Fréjus

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