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These supplements were published by Gallimard between 1969 and 1989. 12 issues were published. Some of them are still available.

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N°1 Unpublished poems - Letters to his mother - Letters to Maurice Sachs, Marcel Proust, etc.

N°2 Miscellaneous: Berl/Cocteau - Past Tense - Key to the myths in the work of Jean Cocteau

N°3 Miscellaneous: Unpublished texts- Cinematography, etc.

N°4 Radiguet /Cocteau

N°5 Theatre : Wedding Party - Bacchus - Storm Within - Thomas - Potomak

N°6 Poetry: Plain-chant - Crucifixion - Léone - Requiem, etc.

N°7 Music: The group of Six - Sauguet - Babilée - Wiener - Auric

N°8 Novels: White Book - Great Divide - Children of the Game

N°9 Unpublished stage works + miscellaneous
(Study of "Blood of a Poet" - Valéry - Matisse - Apollinaire - Mallarmé - Piaf, etc.)

N°10 Unpublished stage works + Personal diary of Roger Lannes + various (Bérard - Venise - Nijinsky, etc.)

N°11 Noailles/Cocteau, correspondence

N°12 Maritain/Cocteau, correspondence


Supplement N°4
Raymond Radiguet
Jean Cocteau
Supplement N°5
Jean Cocteau
et son théâtre
Supplement N°6
La Poésie
Supplement N°7
Avec les musiciens
Supplement N°8
Les romanciers
Supplement N°9
Théâtre inédit
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